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Madras Cafe is an intelligent thriller based on Srilankan wars which took place somewhere in 90’s which eventually led in killing ex. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. There has been a trend of real life incident based documentary kind of thriller in the recent time like Zero Dark Thirty, D-Day but this one is somewhat similar to Blood Diamond and Body of Lies. Madras cafe is one of the successfully made films which never get off the track. It has a brisk pace with solid plot and its length is also up to the mark. Madras Cafe shows how politics, local groups and even international people got involved in a small arms deal which eventually turns out to be big threat to India.

Vikram Singh (John Abraham) is an Indian Army officer who deals with the code operations conducted by the government. Vikram is being sent to Sri Lanka in order to control a locally powerful guy named Anna. Vikram takes the help of a British journalist Jaya (Nargis Fakhri), who does have some sources for getting information. Vikram plans to attack on Anna but for that he needs a good no. of arms from the government. In the process of getting arms, Vikram is being attacked by Anna and the arms are being taken. After which Vikram gets information on the motive behind making Anna more powerful after following many leads.

Shoojit Sarkar who directed Vicky Donor this time delivers a film which is of different theme but is of equally good standard. Madras Cafe in spite of getting to a spy tone it goes on a realistic track. John Abraham is a simply superb in his powerful; he looks good and goes deep in the character which justifies looking it real. Nargis Fakhri is also good in her role but has a bit shorter one to play. Madras Cafe has many fresh faces but it works because of its strong plot.

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