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Mi Amor is an award winning film for Campus Movie Fest in 2010. The Director of Photography Troy Moore went on to garner a degree from the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France. As you watch this film you are taken through Ramon’s eyes as he recounts the pain and memories of his past. Throughout the film the viewer is compelled to believe that Ramon is talking to himself, or a confidant off camera. But this is not the case. Now the creative team behind the film did a remarkable job in keeping the viewer curious as to why Ramon was in the position he was in. I am not a fan of films in subtitles, but the Director keep the film fast paced and intense enough for the viewer not to lose any moment of their cinematic experience with too much text

Reviewer: Dr. Zeke There are many reasons I love this little movie. The dynamic camera angles, the depth of field, the motivated camera movements, the color usage, and the performance. This truly kept my mind going through the entire 5 minutes, and then some. With the twist driven world of movies today, this was a refreshing take on a classic story. I see why this short went all the way to Cannes. Most notably, I would like to mention the Colors. White vs. Red. Innocence vs. Passion. The over saturation of the reds popped, and the white suit was awesome. Layers! Layers! Layers! This movie was shot on the floor of a bedroom, yet, when you watch it, you feel like you are anywhere but. And it looked great. Hats off to the Director and the DP. Dreggs to the wall outlet that distracted from the scene. Unless they were trying to say Power was innocence, then, Koodos. A lie, but koodos. The second most notable performance came from the Editor. In most movies, videos, and shorts, the editor is supposed to be invisible. But in Mi Amor, they hold up a big, fast paced blinking light that said, “Look at me!”, and I liked it. They gave action where needed and gave room when required. This easily could have been the longest 5 minutes of someone’s life. However, through editing, it zips by in an instant. So no dreggs for the post team, and hats off to the editor. All in all, one of my favorites. Koodos to the film and everyone who worked on it. Keep making movies!

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