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“Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory.” – Thomas Jefferson

With this so begins the short film “Mr. Mullens” (2010) which is writer & director Scott Goldberg’s treatise on the growing corruption in American politics and the American peoples’ growing disdain with politicians who line their pockets with profits while the middle and lower class citizen wallow in despair and poverty. It is no secret that unemployment is on the rise, and that our government, in some way, seems to be at the root cause. But Goldberg also places some of the blame on the common citizen, who seems to be content with the way in which the government nulls us into complacency.

But there is one person who refuses to sit down and take what the government dishes out wholesale. Chris (Chris Margaritis) has been laid off from his job and has come to the realization that the state of the government and the economy is due to the actions of a corrupt government and its practices. Especially the new Mayor Edward D. Mullins (Robert Youngren), who rumor has it had the previous Mayor murdered. Goldberg’s film expertly navigates through the fractured mind of Chris (as the film is told completely through his POV and voice-overs) as he slowly descends into an emotional and homicidal conclusion. Like V, the vigilante figure in the hit film “V For Vendetta,” Chris feels as though there is only one road left to him to enact change, which is to kill everyone associated with the corrupt Mayor Mullens.

Although Chris is obviously going about change in a questionable manner, his efforts are commendable and if he can affect just one other person to make a stand against political corruption then he will have accomplished his goal – and so has Goldberg. “Mr. Mullens” is a propaganda film in the best way in that it strives to wake people up from their nullifying existence and take part in a revolution that will finally see change not only in the political and economic world but in one’s own existence as well.


The film wouldn’t be as effective if not for the strong performances from the actors and cinematography (which hits the audience hard and right in the face with the films use of close ups and strong angles). Music composer Mark Nadolski also delivers a perfect score for the film that makes you feel as if you are in the front seat at a political rally.

Political films don’t always play well with mainstream audiences, but this gem is something that will leave audiences questioning the politics of the people elected into office as well as maybe getting more people involved in politics and change.

Mike Chase

Mr. Mullen” is a film about the crash of the economy and the corruption ensuing from the growing size and control of the American government.


Mr Mullen is a dark and brutally honest film depicting what we as Americans want to say about our political counterparts. The film follows Chris a political activist who believes that his Mayor is ruining his life and his town. This film covers some controversial topics including drug use and underage sex. It still stayed on point and left us watching this through the eyes of its main character.

While the dialog was very on the nose at times the Director Scott Goldberg did a remarkable job with editing and allowing the viewer to stay in the moment of the story.While I am not a fan of political films myself, I did find myself wondering where the film-makers where going to take us next in this somewhat bizarre world of Edward Mullen.

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