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Race 2 is power packed with top class background music, exotic locations, nice action sequences and lots of hot girls. In the first half Race 2 goes really well with nice ingredients as mentioned. Saif Ali Khan as Ranveer Singh gives good performance. John Abraham (Armaan Malik) one of the big mafia of Turkey who loves only money is being impressed and dominated whatever as per requirement in the movie by Ranveer Singh. Deepika Padukone (Elena) seems to have crucial character in the film but wasted as a showpiece. Also, Anil Kapoor as RD does have much involvement in the storyline and Ameesha Patel (Cheery) has been totally wasted unlike Sameera Reddy in first part.

Race 2 mainly concentrates on Ranveer Singh and Armaan Malik other cast is involved just as a supportive role for both. Just after few minutes of the second half you feel like losing interest unlike first half of the movie. Possibly because almost all the double cross has already been and you will not feel movie engaging anymore. First thing which is wrong with the movie is its pace, moving quiet fast in the first half while being quiet slow in the second half. Climax in which nice twits were expected is not good and just creates a space for another sequel (Race 3).

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