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Ted is a 2012 American comedy drama. Directed by Seth MacFarlane. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and voice by Seth MacFarlane, supporting cast include Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale. Ted was released on June 29, 2012 in the United States and distributed by Universal Pictures.

360MR Rating 6.5/10 Genre Comedy Drama PG-13 Directed by. Seth MacFarlane Produced by Scot Stuber Seth MacFarlane Starring – Mark Wahlberg Mila kunis Giovanni Ribisi Joel McHale Matt Walsh

SYPNOSIS In a little village near Brockston Massachusettes, a lonely boy, John wishes his new christmas present, a big head teddy bear will come to life. His wish coincides with a falling star and is granted. Ted becomes a sentient being and is apparently a celebrity for a while in the town.

Present day (2012) John lives with Ted, Ted has grown up to be hateful and swears a lot. Although their closeness has not waned. They live a hedonistic life even though John is in a 4 year relationship with girlfriend, Lori. Lori expects John to pop the question as their fourth year anniversary approaches. But believes John can’t seem to settle down or be serious to Ted’s presence around him who has largely become a nuisance. They then decide it best to rent a seperate apartment for Ted and also get him a job at a grocery store when they find him at home with four prostitutes. The distance doesn’t still ruin John and Ted’s relationship as John excuse himself from work to hangout with Ted, whose indiscilpline at work has earned him promotion. John’s escapades with Ted causes Lori to break up with him out of anger and John blames Ted greatly. Ted, who feels guilty decides to get Lori and Ted back together although Lori’s boss who loathes John is now involved with her. Ted with the help of his former lover, Nora Jones, gets John to sing in a concert where Lori and her boss are present. Although his performance is awful, Lori is touched. And Ted promises to leave them alone if she talks to John. This she does and they reconcile, soon after, Ted is kidnapped by Donnie, a grown man who has idolized Ted since his childhood and wants him for his destructive son. Lori and John decide to find Ted after he manages a call to John before he is recaptured again. John traces Donnie and takes him out but Ted is torn into two due to the chase. Lori feels guilty for what happened, and they try to patch up Ted, all to no avail. At night she sees a falling star and makes a wish. Next morning,Ted wakes up and encourages them to continue their relationship. John and Lori then get married. Donnie is arrested for plush toy kidnap, Lori’s boss quits his relationship with Lori. Ted’s gross indiscipline earns him promotion as manager and learns to live a life on his own.

REVIEW Ted. in a sentence, is an oversized obnoxious, wasteful, curseful sentient being. His jokes are akin to family guy. Notwithstanding, his curses and offensive jokes was all it took to get this movie going. Mark Wahlberg, the normal serious looking dude who contributes dryly a little bit to Ted’s jokes.His girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis) had an acceptable performance though not serious. To the plot, Ted didn’t provide us with gripping suspense as compared to its counterpart movies. This I blame greatly on the makers. I was so not surprised when I discovered the makers of Family guy was behind Ted.

Ted’s storyline could just be simply explained as ‘goodbye: time to grow up’ However, The character Ted himself is the star of the movie, a wonderful creature who seemed so real, his humour, appearance is enough to make you laugh. Such sights and behavious you’ll never expect from a teddy bear.

Ted himself personally saved the movie.

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