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“The Affair” is an unusual romance and little mysterious drama about a mature guy and girl who meets and falls in love while they were married. I really like the way things execute between two of them.They feels comfortable with each other in very few meetings. I really like the way the scenes were shot in this TV Series.I haven’t seen much on extramarital affair so far. This drama is emotional driven and psychologically executed.Marriage is based on a mutual relationship but sometimes even the long lasting relationship of marriage are based on the money. At least that what it seems to be true in here. Also, You can find someone even when you are perfectly married.

Noah Solloway (Dominic West) finds Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) like they are perfect for each other even when they are married to someone else. Ruth Wilson brings a charm to her character even when she is not in frame you want her to see badly. She takes things forward in a way with natural acting. This Series focuses on the family matters associated with extramarital affairs with a little focus on money matters.The drama shown here is interesting and is unpredictable. With very episode it might bring something new to the story. Things may get little inclined towards a different direction.What remains consistent is nice and cool screenplay.

If you want to start a new TV Series which involved middle age characters. This could be a good one to start.Also, If you’re also of the similar age you are more likely to like this TV Series. It has won three Golden Globe awards including the best actress for Ruth Wilson. Like I mentioned she is too good.

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