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Think like a man is an American comedy flick directed by Tim Story. It is based on the book ‘Act like a Lady,Think like a Man’ written by Steve Harvey in 2009. The movie was released on April 20, 2012 and distributed by Screen Gems.

360MR’s Rating – 5.8/10 Genre – Comedy, Romance Rating – PG-13 Directed by – Tim Story Produced by – William Parker Robb Hardy Rushion McDonald Starring – Kevin Hall Megan Good Taraji P. Henson Micheal Ealy Gabrielle Union Jerry Ferrera

SYPNOSIS Four friends take Steve Harvey’s relationship advice seriously against their men. However their Men conspire to turn things around on them.Which also later backfires on them.

REVIEW Think Like a Man contains sexual, drug use and some mild abusive words such as a**h***,Sh**. So may be inappropriate for some teens especially those who may be presently exploring their sexuality.

The movie had a exemplary cast. But I think the Male roles would have been played with more or interchanged. However, megan, Gail, Taraji were brilliant and couldn’t have been better.

The characters are sympathetic and expected. Except a caucasian friend of the blacks who seemingly is the only guy who has a stable relationship. Terrence jenkins as micheal the momma’s boy, the dreamer chef Dominic portrayed by Micheal Ealy, Kevin hall as a divorced Cedric who acts like he now enjoys his freedom but frustrated and lonely within.While Zeke portrayed by Malco is a smooth talker.

As for the ladies, Lauren (Taraji) starts a steaming relationship with Dominic who is a cook that is struggling to hold down his job, but she also wants a man with same status as hers. Kristen (Gabrielle union) a real Estate Agent who lives with Jeremy anxiously wants her boyfriend to be matured and probably propose. Candace is a single mom who is deeply in love with Micheal and is constantly frustrated with his overtly enthusiatic relationship with his mother. Mya (Megan good) is an enstranged girlfriend who is still nursing hurt over her last relationship. Thus frustrating Zeke intentions towards her.

Like every hollywood flick, Think Like A Man has its flaws, and a great part of it bothered on fact that the movie relayed a lot on Steve Harvey’s book ‘Act like a lady, think like a man. This premise was originally introduced to the audience as the motive behind the ladies behaviours and really did not need subsequent hammering and reiterations later on in the movie. Such needless introductions only represented the movie as an extended publicity medium for Steve Harvey’s book. Who is by far the movie’s ‘absent’ Star cast owing to the the incessant chants of his name in the movie.

Notwithstanding the dexterity of the Actors/Actresses in the movie. The cast lacked freedom as their roles were largely burdened and tied down to their equivalent book characters.

The way the Women addressed Men in this movie was quite offensive however, a relief was met when I noticed how the overgrown babies (Men) behaved. The humour wasn’t lacking as there are enough scenes sure to crank you. You might actually go into the cinema with low expectations on this movie. And although its below expectations,it isn’t all that distasteful.

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